Polaris Hotels

Polaris Hotels is a specialized solution for management of your hotel!

Room Management

The system allows you to register an unlimited number of rooms, categorized according to their price class, category and capacity. For each room, you can limit the number of adults and children who can be accommodated. This will ensure a comfortable stay for all your guests.

Room type

You have the freedom to create an unlimited number of categories describing the types and price classes of the rooms in your hotel. Each category or single room can be represented by multiple photographs. This will give customers a better feeling for your hotel.

Price Plans

Define pricing for the different categories of rooms in the system relative to the business model you are following. For example, the price may vary from day to week - Monday, Saturday, to the active season - summer, winter, certain holidays, and so on. The model is entirely up to you.

Special Offers

Easily create different type and duration promotions based on room type, minimum stay, and time interval where the offer will be valid. The price is determined by subtracting a certain percentage of the base price per night.


Manage all active current and future bookings easily and conveniently. If necessary, you can cancel existing or quickly create new ones. Generate invoices at customer's request.


the system enables you to manage your customer data in a new and innovative way. Create reports for people who are currently in the hotel, those who have booked and all clients that had a stay in the hotel.


Thanks to the calendar, you can check the number and type of free rooms at any time. The system works with different levels of access. For example, people in the reception need one type of information, the manager another, and the maids third.

Advance Payment

Through this system module, you can determine what percentage of the prepayment is calculated on the basis amount for the target stay.

Polaris Hotels is an irreplaceable addition for managing your hotel.

With our system you can easily add online reservations to your hotel system or web site.

In addition to Polaris Hotels, we can offer you a complete, comprehensive solution for your hotel, including: a web site, a reservation management system, a financial system, an accounting system, POS, and any other software that will help you manage your business. Do not hesitate to contact us.


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