Polaris Track.
It is a real-time GPS tracking system tasked with the mission to improve the organization of transport and eradicate vicious practices.
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Transport of the Future

Our developed and proposed system offers many key benefits, including tracking people, animals, bicycles, cars, trucks, boats in real time. Event alert, prophylactics and fleet service, report generation, mileage history, fuel mileage, mileage and many more.

Be informed anywhere, anytime.

No matter where you are, you can keep track of your fleet in real time. Thanks to our mobile apps, you can stay informed at any time of the day. Whether you are carrying expensive goods, traces of abuse or violation, or just want to know where your car is, Polaris Track will hand you a hand.

Be informed where your family members are.

With our mobile apps, you can turn any mobile device such as a phone or tablet into a GPS tracking system. You no longer have to worry about where your children are. With a few mouse clicks, you can find out where each of your family is at all times. This will increase the peace of mind in your home.

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Real-time tracking

Polaris Track is one of the fastest real-time tracking systems in the industry. On a single screen, you can see all vehicles, drivers, current routes and points on the map that are of special interest to you and their status. Your system provides you with all the tools to be able to optimize your business and make it more efficient.

Automatic Notifications

Thanks to Polaris Track, you can get extremely accurate and timely notifications of your vehicle’s current status or driver’s behavior. For example: speeding, fuel consumption, distance, route and breaks. In addition, you receive instant notifications in case of emergency or need of help. All messages and notifications arrive directly on your computer, tablet, or phone.

History and reports

Get automated reports, or create reports that contain detailed information about location, distance traveled, route, speed, fuel consumption, working hours, and daggers. All the detailed information will be stored on your computer, tablet, or phone. Information can also be downloaded in various formats – PDF, XLS, CSV, TXT.

Saving fuel

GPS tracking systems can have a tremendous impact on driving your fleet by reducing fuel consumption, monitoring vehicles at any time of the day. Through the system, you can check fuel consumption and fuel level when needed. You can also get reports of speeding, bad driving practices.


Geofancing allows you to get automated notifications related to certain geographic regions that interest you. For example, you can get real-time notifications if a vehicle or employee suddenly leaves or enters an area you have previously marked.

Specialized locations

A specialized location is a location or object on the map that is of special interest to you. This may be the destination to be reached, may include multiple points or delivery points, restaurants, hotels, gas stations, or the most visited places of your own. As part of the functionality, you can measure the distance between different specialized points.

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We are at your disposal to familiarize you with all aspects of the system and the possibilities for improving your fleet management.

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