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E-commerce will grow by about 30% per year worldwide!

Our team has an in-depth expertise based on years of experience in developing online stores and e-commerce platforms designed to generate online sales. Integration with various online payment systems such as PayPal, ePay, BillPay, and others facilitate the purchase process. Our customers have full access to the system, allowing them to control every aspect of their e-business. We are building every e-shop with a unique design that gives our customers an edge over their direct competitors.

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The unique visual representation of every online store or system is very important for us. We strive to ensure that every project fully meets the needs and objectives of the customer. With us will get a unique logo and design tailored to the latest trends.


We work with different kinds of technologies that enable the efficient construction of e-shops in different areas. We have experience in building both large and small online stores. Consumers receive a fully functional and easy-to-use system that meets all international standards.


In order for our customers to be competitive and successful on the market, we strive to implement the most advanced technologies in their systems and stores. Along with us, you will always be at the cutting edge of technology. Two of the most successful systems we develop and implement are:

Advanced Faceted Search

It has been shown that in the recent years, with the incredible increase of content and products in online stores, the simple search based on text does not produce such good results. For this reason, your store loses sales and turnover. Our faceted search improves the search results and increases user satisfaction.

Recommendation system

These systems are relatively new and appear in the recent years in the online stores. They can be of the utmost importance because, based on consumer behavior, they are offering additional products, a particular customer would be interested in.


Additional services

No matter if you have an online presence or not until this moment, we are here to help you. We offer a full range of services to support and contribute to successful results. For more information, you can check all the services we offer on our site or contact us.


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