Driving habits have a direct impact on costs!

Driving habits have a direct impact on costs!

A well-known foreign company that offers GPS tracking publishes an analysis that demonstrates how the deployment of a GPS tracking system achieves a reduction in fuel consumption without even being a case of fuel theft. The analysis is based on billions of instant data sent from a total of 20,000 vehicles to their customers for five years.


Regarding fuel economy, the survey shows that on average every company that has observed and reduced the unnecessary time of engine operation on the spot, ie. shutting off the engine for a stay longer than 1-2 minutes, has managed to reduce on-site workload on average by 35 minutes a day, which means about 30lb of monthly fuel savings per car. This is equivalent to $ 360 per year for each car, back in your pocket! Adding to the prevention of fuel theft, which you realize using a GPS tracking system such as Polaris Track, these numbers usually go well beyond those.


Although most of you do not even think about the impact of unnecessary work on site, the survey says that alongside inefficient driving, on-site work is one of the leading signs of rising fuel costs. For your convenience, we at Polaris Track have created a graph depicting the percentage of effective work and on-site work for every single day.

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